Customers health and safety

Since our products are used in care by users and care providers, and by the elderly in their homes, safety is of highest priority for us. The products we offer contribute to improving our customers’ work and home environments. We are subject to regulation by governmental authorities such as the FDA, the EU, the EEA and other national and/or local governmental authorities in the countries in which the Group manufactures and sells its products. To ensure that we comply with all legislation and requirements, we have established our management systems and processes. The local management at each manufacturing facility is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable local requirements and industrial standards.

Caregivers' health and safety

Strain factors are the most common reason for reported sickness among men and women. In care and social services, strains and twisted ankles account for 30 percent of all causes of accidents, with 26 percent being the corresponding figure in health and medical care. It is in situations in which the patient is to be transferred that the strain is at its heaviest for care staff.

The basis of Handicare’s movement and lifting system is a combination of training caregivers, smart solutions for transfer, and activation of the patient. The more strength and the higher the level of function the patient has, the more they can contribute to their own transfer. And the more active the patient is, the easier the transfer for the person assisting.

We work actively on training. Our products facilitate and simplify all conceivable transfer situations, but knowledge is required in how they are to be used correctly to avoid strain injuries and to activate the patient more. The people we train in every country, in turn train their colleagues in their workplaces. In this manner, we contribute to reducing strain injuries in the care sector, by way of our products and through training in transfer technique.