Resources without borders

Since 2009, Kristina Kindblom and Carina Ursing have worked at the Pravara Institute of Medical Science (PIMS). Since almost no devices were available at the hospital or in training, they saw an urgent need and started up device distribution on a small scale. Since 2010, they have packed a num¬ber of devices in their luggage and sat in wheel¬chairs that have been donated by companies and organisations. Kristina and Carina understood that in the long term, it was not sustainable to distribute devices in this manner. The idea emerged of start¬ing a more organised form of device distribution. “Resources without borders” was launched in the autumn of 2013.

The aim is to distribute devices to enable and facilitate patients’ daily activities (ADL-Activity Daily Living) and activities that enhance their quality of life (possibility to make a living, leisure activities that enhance quality of life or similar activities). Ade¬quate training related to this is to be provided so that the devices distributed are used optimally. The persons trained receive the necessary skills to pass on the knowledge they receive. The re-use of devices is an important environmental and economic aspect.

Handicare supports “Resources without borders” by donating devices as well as contributing money for transport.