Board of directors

On behalf of the owners, the Board of Directors is responsible for administering the company’s affairs, inter alia, setting targets and strategies, establishing procedures and systems for the evaluation of the set targets, continuously assessing Handicare’s financial performance and position, and for evaluating the operational management. The company’s articles of association state that the Board of Directors must consist of not less than three ordinary members and not more than ten ordinary members, each of whom is elected at an AGM for the period until the end of the next AGM.

The Board applies a written work plan, which is revised annually and adopted by the statutory Board meeting each year. Among other things, the work plan governs Board practices, its functions and the allocation of work between Board members and the CEO. At the statutory Board meeting, the Board also adopts instructions for the CEO, including instructions for financial reporting.

Seven ordinary Board members were elected at the 2018 AGM.

Name Year of first election Position Independent in the relation to the company Independent in the relation to the Principal owner Shareholding
Lars Marcher 2014 Chairman of the Board Yes No 493,513
Joakim Andreasson 2016 Board member Yes No -
Jonas Arlebäck 2018 Board member No Yes 327,968
Maria Carell 2016 Board member Yes Yes 27,183
Johan Ek 2013 Board member No No 293,626
Christina Lindstedt 2019 Board member Yes Yes -
Claes Magnus Åkesson 2017 Board member Yes Yes 25,000

Lars Marcher

Born 1962. Board member since 2014 and Chairman of the board since 2017. Chairman of the remuneration committee.

Joakim Andreasson

Born 1982. Board member since 2016 and member of the audit and remuneration committee.

Jonas Arlebäck

Born 1970. Board member since 2018.

Maria Carell

Born 1973. Board member since 2016 and member of the audit committee.

Johan Ek

Born 1968. Board member since 2013 and vice chairman since 2017.


Christina Lindstedt

Born 1968. Board member since 2019 and member of the remuneration committee.

Claes Magnus Åkesson

Born 1959. Board member since 2017. Chairman of the audit commitee.